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Prayers for all effected by the shooting in Connecticut (Poem)

A falling civilization

The end has come not for the world but for humanity

The murder of children shows mankind’s depravity

When the law took God from schools evil began to invade

People began to forget for our sins Jesus had paid

The blood of the lamb was shed 2000 years ago

If we do not tell all we meet of that miracle how will they ever know

Instead their heads are filled with the sins seen on TV

All the while in heaven God cries “Please my children come back to me”


April M Barbosa © 12/14/2012

In memory of all who have been murdered with prayers to all their families





Doesn’t have long to live =*(

I just heard the worse news I could get right now. My brother in law not only has Leukemia he also has Valley Fever. The doctor told him if they continue the chemo he will die and if they stop the chemo he will die. They don’t give him long to live. He is scared and depressed. My sister is faling apart I wish I could fix this for them. This is too much I keep praying that God will intervene and save him but as each day passes it seems as if that’s not going to happen. He has young kids a 14 year old son an 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter. I am trying so hard to come to terms with this but I still hold hope that he will be ok. I can’t imagine a life that he’s not there I can’t picture my sister being alone they have been married for so long it feels like I’ve known him all my life. Please pray for my brother in law.

Diagnosed with Leukemia needs prayers asap

Feeling very down today, I am so used to being able to help people and last night was the first time in my life I couldn’t find the words to help someone. I feel so sad I pray and beg God for a miracle. I am hurting so bad I want my brother in law Larry Montoya to be healed. =( Please pray for him, chemo aint nothing nice…. I have faith in God that all will be ok and please help me spread the word about his donation site he has a lot on his plate already lets help him and Eloisa Gonzales Montoya relieve the burden on thier already weighed down shoulders by getting them some donations for medical bills. Even a $1 helps thank you

The life of the young and sick ((poetry))

The life of the young and sick

We watch as life for others goes round and round

All the while our lives seem like they are slowing down

Doctor, doctor, help me

Waiting for hours in a crowded lobby

Hoping for a doctor who cares and treats us like a friend

Into the exam room and quickly herded out again

Treated as a number not as women and men

We pray for a cure adamantly

All we want is to be healthy

© 8/26/12 April M. Barbosa

MEXICA ((Poetry))


My Heritage, What does it mean to me?

It’s who I am what made me

Being brown and proud is not only a way of life it’s a state of mind

A declaration to the world I am proud of my blood line

Mexica, what does that mean to me?

It means my roots are coated in Aztec gold

My ancestors were born here in the days of old

Before the world had maps with imaginary lines bordering places that truly have no boundaries

Back when our ancestors lived hidden amongst the trees

Back when they worshiped different deities

Years of persecution for the color of our skin

Our older generations were treated like being brown was a sin

These old school views is what shaped my thoughts today

I’m full of brown pride and that will never be taken away

I will never deny my lineage

My way was paved by my ancestors’ tears and blood so to them I pay homage


© 8/26/12 April M. Barbosa






I am just a mom (poetry)

I am just a mom

Wise words whispered through the trees

I am just a mom

It echoes in the breeze

The voice of a woman of unknown age and race

I am just a mom

A woman clarifying her place

Mom, such a small word with a huge meaning behind it all

Mom, the one who will run through fire to catch her children before they can fall

Motherhood brings a love no other can replicate

But it can also bring a pain so strong nothing can placate

To be a mother is to bear your soul, to let someone into the deepest recesses of your heart and mind

A mother’s love is the strongest you will ever find

Come here my child, hold mommy’s hand

I promise to explain life to you, the best way I can

I will give you all the wisdom that I know

And I promise to always be here by your side

To guide you the best I know how

I know I will make mistakes along the way

But you have to promise to remember I am just a mom

© 8/7/2012 April M. Barbosa

A lost soul ((poetry))

A Lost soul…
Vacant eyes where once there was a glow
You are now a stranger someone I don’t know
The darkness has sucked you dry
My heart shatters when I hear you cry
Hold your hand out let us pull you out of that hole
Hurry before it’s too late before the demons take your soul
© 2012 April M. Barbosa