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December 4, 2011

Welcome to my blog. My name is april m barbosa and I am an author. This blog will reflect my everyday life and the battles I face as I try to make it in the world of writing. I currently have two books published, for a long time the sales were good, but I made a huge mistake and got published through a vanity publisher. They made way more money from my books then I did. I was 26 when I first became published. I was so happy just to be able to see my name on a book cover, that the contract saying id receive way less then half of the sales didn’t even seem important. Big mistake! I was young and didn’t realize this. I was so lost in the excitement of being a real author that I didn’t even notice. I also never noticed the publisher had broke our contract and never promoted my book. The second book I had published was also through the same publisher. Yes, I was so dumb. The sad thing about my second book was that I had sent a query email to a literary agent and the agent was interested in my book. She wanted a paper explaining what audiences I thought my book would target. At the same time my old publisher offered to publish my new book without any extra work done by me. At that that time I beleived going with my old publisher would be the best. I made a lot of sales but there was never any promotions done by the publisher, I had to do all my own promoting. I believe if I would have had patience things would have went better for me. But since it didn’t go the way I wished, here I am again. I have new fresh ideas, and a more mature mind frame. I also have a few manuscripts ready for when I find a literary agent who will help me reach my dream.


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