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query letters for “My two thugs”

December 5, 2011

I’m exhausted! I have been sending query letters for a few hours now. My manusript has come back from my wonderful editor and is perfect, well to me it is. I reread it and it inspired me all over again. This book is a short story and also erotica. I know there are not many people in my life who read erotica, so I will take the time to explain what it is and why I chose to write in this genre. Erotica is romance with strong sexual scenes. A wise woman said my story was “porn with a story line” lol. But hey thats what erotica is. Its about sex and fetishes and fantasies. So if you are uncomfortable with those topics or are under 18 then my new book is not for you.

I chose to write in this genre because a true writer likes to test their skills. I plan on writing in every genre I can. Well my readers stay tuned and I will update you on any rejections or interested literary agent emails. This is always the hard part. Writing is a very difficult field to get into.  I know I will probably recieve more rejections than anything. So I will need lots of positive comments from all  of you. Please pray I am good enough to get where I want to be, My talent is the only thing the multiple sclerosis hasn’t taken from me. My family and I need this. thanks for reading =)


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  1. You know what? A friend of mine told me the other day that an agent told him that Erotica is extremely hot right now. The reason it is selling is because of ebooks. They can be downloaded, and you don’t have to embarrass yourself about going to the bookstore and being seen in this section.

    If you are doing it well, you are in a great place. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement. Its funny right after I got your comment I got an email from an agency who is interested but since its a short story they would like two more to make an ebook. I’m so excited. Its kind of weird though I never thought id write erotica I did it on a dare lol

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