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Another day in the struggle to get an agent

December 6, 2011

I have submitted my query letter to many agents. Yesterday I received a rejection letter. The agent told me she loved my synopsis, but my query letter “did not have enough heart”. She felt I wasn’t serious because my letter lacked emotion. I was so upset last night I ended up getting an MS headache. I felt so stupid because she was right. I spent so much time perfecting the synopsis, that when it was time for the query letter I was exhausted. So I used a template I found online. This was the first time I had ever been so lazy with my writing and I paid big time. I deleted that query letter and rewrote one reflecting who I am. The crazy, outspoken, brutally honest chick you all know and love lol. Today I can kind of laugh at my failure but last night was hard. Joe seen I had tears in my eyes and tells me “Babe don’t be down on yourself. Writing is hard if it wasn’t everyone would be an author”. His words helped me. I really felt like a failure. I learned a big lesson over this and i know it will stick with me.

Well a few publishers have contacted me and want to publish my work, but Im very leery about that. I am confused also because I heard its best to have a literary agent. From experience I know publishers can be hard to deal with. I can’t  wait until I save up enough money to buy the rights back to my first two books. I feel with the right exposure my books will make a big hit in the literary world. Today I submitted my entire manuscript to harlequin romance. Lets see how that goes. I keep checking my email its getting annoying I need to stop and just have patience LOL. Im so impatient. Well onto other things I am still working on my memior. Its amazing all the shit I’ve dealt with while I was young. Yesterday my mom and sister came over and we talked about my past. We laughed and had fun but it came to a very touchy subject about someone who had totally tricked me when I was 18. I had forgotten about it and had never told Joe about it when we first got together because it was too embarrassing. Well he heard the story yesterday and looked at me like “wow you were gullible”. This occurence was so embarrassing and horrible that my sister quit talking to people online after that lol If you want to know what happened you will have to wait for my book to come out but believe me it will be worth the wait and i promise you will have a good laugh over it too…


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