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Another day of rejection

December 7, 2011

So today I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for a day of good news. But nope I got bad news. At least it was just two rejection letters and not alot. One agent tells me she LOVES my writing but the subject is not what she can represent. she wants fantasy writing, vampires and werewolf love stories. I was so upset to read that! I understand that is the “it” thing these days, but in my opinion it is overplayed. There are way too many!! And some of them are total bullshit! I know I could write a story like that but then I would be falling into the cookie cutter mode I am not a sheep! I am a LEADER not a follower!! Its all good though when I get an agent he or she needs to be original like me. Someone who can understand where I’ve come from. It pisses me off to know that this agent told me she would accept my story if it was fantasy because she loved my writing. I feel that if I went that route that it would be hard to go back to my street  style writing, no one could possibly take me seriously after that. Its kind of like the rappers who were first in the mickey mouse club no one takes thier street cred seriously. Yeah thats not for me! As a gag, and for my facebook fans I may write one but I wont submit it for publishing. I’m just going to do it because I like to test my skills.


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