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A prayer for my Child (poetry)

December 21, 2011

A prayer for my child

Life’s worst has hit us in the face

Something bad has invaded our personal space

Nothing can take this shit away

No matter what I drink No matter how hard I pray

Its here for life and we have to be strong

Cause on the rest of our lifes journey, this thing will be tagging along

Lord I don’t know why You gave her this cross to bear

but she is holding her head high cause’ she knows Your there

I’m the one who is having a hard time

Why couldn’t her diagnosis be mine????!!!

Shes so young and naive

An innocent soul so easy to deceive

She has a maturity I never understood

But its understandable now that I know she’s been in a constant war between bad and good

I always was upset with her for being so gloomy and sad

and now that I know why, at my stupidity I feel so mad!

I caused  her more pain by constantly judging this girl I really didn’t know

I thought I did, but in truth the real her was something she never did show

Now I see her  singing and laughing and being free

I really hope and pray she can forgive me

I didn’t know, I didnt understand, I thought it was childhood confusion

but then the doctor laid down his final conclusion

My soul was ripped from inside and there was nothing I could do

All the healing power this mommy had was just to say “Everythings gonna be ok  mommy loves you”.

It sucks so bad to know there is nothing I can say

that would take her fears and pain away

I don’t say the name of my child or the battle she must face everyday

I don’t want people to judge her all I ask is for my child please pray…….


© April M. Barbosa 2008


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