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Apologies to all my readers

December 21, 2011

I hope everyone is doing great this beautiful Wednesday. I am so sorry for not posting as much lately. I’ve been very busy trying to get my ebook accepted by all major online bookstores. My editor did an AWESOME job editing it to perfection but when I submitted it, the website had an entire set of rules the format had to go by. The font had to be a certain size, there was not to be any returns or indentations. So I had to back and redo that. It was accepted by the website and now just waiting to be reviewed by the people who approve or deny it to go onto the major bookstores.

I know for a long time I was posting that I was searching for a literary agent. Well after talking to many writers who have agents and ones who’ve dropped agents, I’ve decided to self publish and promote. I’ve heard the same story over and over. Lit agents are sometimes too busy to give each client thier individual attention. So if all goes good for me doing it on my own I may even someday start my own publishing house. If I put my mind to it and trust in God I can do anything! I have no fear. Failure is just a stepping stone to greatness!

I made a temporay cover for my book but this weekend I have a photo shoot scheduled to make the actual cover. I cant wait!!!

I am also looking for people to read and review my latest ebook if you are interested send me a message and Ill get you a free copy.


Have a blessed day!!


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One Comment
  1. Im very proud of you April! Well done! I know that there are many great things in store for you!
    If you still need someone to review for you Im game!
    Blessed be my friend,

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