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Cinco De Mayo Fight

December 21, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Whose this bitch getting up in my face

Threatening to hit me cause she don’t like my race

Fuck that! Bring it bitch lets do this shit

You fucked with me now this is it

Fists fly and now here comes the ground

She’s on top so I switch it around

Pounding her face with all my might

Fuck you bitch this ain’t your night

Joe and Daniel standing around

watching the shit go down

I squeeze her throat with my right hand

Fuck! Shit! I passed the line I’m now in no mans land

I don’t care I squeeze with all i have in me

I just cant control my fury

Her eyes roll up in her head

and if the cops wouldn’t have came that bitch would be dead

People have asked if I’m sorry for what went down that day

Fuck that! I have no remorse for any bitch! No how, no way

 ©  April M. Barbosa 2008


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