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Dear God

December 21, 2011

Dear God,

I am writing to thank You

Thank you God for bringing me into the world as a sickly premature baby

Without that miracle I wouldn’t be who you made me

Thank you for the pain, tears, hurt, loss and obstacles I’ve endured

Without them patience, understanding and thankfulness I would’ve never learned

Thank You for Marialisa, Rosaura, Joseph and Joe

Without them love, trust, structure, morals and family is something Id never know

Thank You for my newly found outspoken way

Without it I’d never get to voice what I truly want to say

Thank You for my body which I had always felt was too skinny

Without it I would’ve never realized everything you create is sculpted perfectly

Thank You for friends who have come and gone from my life on good terms and bad

Without them I would’ve never experienced the good times we had

Thank You for the people who will always be my friend

Without them I’d never have known friendship can grow and have no end

Thank You for the illness I battle everyday

Without it Id never have learned to live large, laugh often and not be ashamed to play

Thank You for things I’ve forgotten and things only me and you know about

Without all these aspects of my life the true me would’ve never came out

Thank you Lord

© April M. Barbosa 2011


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