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Fearless 15 year old me

December 21, 2011

At 15 I thought I knew it all

I thought I was like an immortal and would never fall

My mom tried to guide me straight

But that wasn’t my destiny wasn’t my fate

I ran away, hitchhiked thinking I knew everything

 Little did I know under a overpass is where I’d be sleeping

Taking busses to nowhere just so I wouldn’t be on the street

A lot of shady people I happened to meet

Could trust no one a young naïve girl like me

But did I realize that nope I couldn’t see

I trusted and trusted and was used and abused and then thrown away

I ran to my Tio and he saved me he was my hero that day

He had to call my mom but I was still angry

Her and my grandma drove to Tucson to go and get me

We got in the car and they were yelling threats and wouldn’t listen to me

I didn’t want to listen I still was blind I still couldn’t see

So I jumped from the moving car going around 40

I seen the tire next to my face as I rolled and slid across the road in the dark of night

Wow it was a rush but now I look back and think I could have died that night

Getting ran over by my grandma’s car could have been the end of my life

I could have never had my kids or became Joe’s wife

Now the truth of the danger of what I did is all I can see

Every time I think about the fearless 15 year old me…

© April M. Barbosa 2011


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