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Lost Girl

December 21, 2011


When other girls were young they wanted to be a ballerina or a bird flying above

When I was a little girl all I wished for was love

Love from a …….. who was never there

A woman who never did care

In the fourth grade stealing food and diapers from Circle K

Just so my brother and sisters could be ok

But does my …… remember that now? Does she remember that today?

Nope! No way

She says she tried hard she says she tried her best

But why was I the one who never got any rest

When she was out doing drugs and up to no good

Why was I the one looking for food????

Yeah he hit her but he hit us too

I was only 9 what could I do???

He hit my brother hard enough so he couldn’t cry anymore

then he threw his limp body to the floor

that’s a memory she’ll never see

cause she was never there it was only me

…….. of mine what can you say

to make my childhood horrors go away?

NOTHING and that’s on the real

cause you don’t know how we feel

Keep telling yourself the fake memories that you say

so you can keep chasing reality away

but …. I know what is true

and underneath it all so do you…….

© April M. Barbosa 2010


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