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May my sister Rest in peace

December 21, 2011

I never got to say goodbye

The last time we talked I listened to you cry

I wanted to help I didn’t know what to do

I wanted so bad to help you

Sister why????

I never thought you would die!!

I listened to others and let you go on your way

I wish I would have tried harder then maybe you’d still be here today

Getting that phone call made me hurt and yearn for the name of who hurt you

I was drunk and my friends stopped me but I wanted to avenge you

I could see your smile and hear your voice in my mind and it drove me crazy

How could they do that to you how could someone want to hurt you that badly

Its fucked up I want justice to be served swift and violently

An eye for an eye I want them to be taken out the same way you were take from me

I miss your voice your laugh you hey Gemini queen signature the way you say ma and suga but most of all how you called me sister

:*( My sister was murdered Oct 26 2010 Rip Mayra


© April M. Barbosa 2008


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