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December 23, 2011









I feel the music in my soul


And wherever it takes my feelings I let them go


I like the way it can carry me away


And then the truth comes in the words I say


The sadness and anger comes out


And lets everyone know what I’m about


I keep a lot of shit inside of me


And I only let you in through my poetry


My words show my soul. The truth, the pain and don’t hide shit


You wanna know me? Well this is it


I cry and hurt just like you


But when it comes down to pay back I’ll do what the fuck I     gotta do


My mom used to tell me if you fight you better win or I’ll     kick your ass


She taught me to be tough with a lil’ sass


I am quiet till you rile me up and the true me comes to play


Then let’s see what the fuck you have to say


I love the sound of a fist hitting skin


C’mon bitch hit me back let this shit begin


I’m in it for the blood you’re in it for the glory


I’m in it to hurt you, you’re in it for the story


Don’t fuck with a bitch like me that don’t give a fuck


Cause’ if you win you need to play the lottery cause you got a     lot of luck


I will take you down and not care


Cause’ if I make you disappear to me you never were there!!


© April Barbosa 2008


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