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We (Poetry)

December 23, 2011

Those feelings I so hard try to hide in the corner recesses of my mind

Are trying to get out and daylight is something they soon will find

I keep the real me locked in a room in my head

the one that don’t give a fuck about no one and wishes to be dead

She’s the one who ran my life before

the one who set me up to be so depressed I thought Id never make it off the floor

I took control and sent her crazy ass away

But then I sense her in all the shit I say

I hate fighting and talking shit starting drama

but then the bitch comes out and I’m left with her trauma

I wanna work and take care of my family

But the bitch says nope fuck that its all about me

Back the fuck down and just let go

If I ever let her take over peace and normality ill never again know

She’s the kind of girl that will drink a 40 through a straw and punch someone in the face

When I’m the quiet girl whose chill and knows my place

She’s the kind of girl who will get loud crazy and not give a fuck

I’m the kind of girl who sits quietly waiting for good luck

She’s the kind of girl who always says what’s on her mind

I’m the kind of girl who waits and says it will fix in time

What the fuck? Why am I saying we?

When I really mean me….

© April Barbosa 2009



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