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Donations for a sick child

January 3, 2012

My new year has started out great but I realized there is something still holding my family back and we can’t overcome it without help. Two summers ago my 8 year old son almost lost his life. He was misdiagnosed numerous times and because of that when he was finally diagnosed his life was in danger. The helicopter ride and hospital bills have grown to enormous proportions and are hanging over us like a vulture. we have paid and paid and paid but have not been able to knock them down so I started a site to accept donations. I do not know if this will even go anywhere because of how bad the economy is but it is worth a shot. I will post in detail what happened to my son in my next post so everyone can understand the extent of our ordeal. Here is the link to donate Starting this year off a lil differently..Joseph still has alot of medical bills so I started a page that accepts donations or if you are like me and feel uncomfortable donating to a person you don’t know my son’s name is Joseph Barbosa and he has bills at Tucson Medical Center in Tucson AZ and also at Mt Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford AZ also AirEvac in Safford AZ


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