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A promise to my children ((Poetry))

January 5, 2012

Lonely eyes of time

Do you see the sadness that is mine?

I watched my younger years slip away

Now its time for my children to rule the day

I miss cruising looking for a party

I miss the young me

She was fearless and never thought about death or pain

I wish I was the same

But the years have brought wisdom learned through pain and tears

To see my kids follow in my footsteps is one of my biggest fears

But I promised myself I will always be honest about life and let them learn in their own way

Because a child is an adult in training and will have to learn from experience no matter what their parents say

Marialisa, Rosaura and Joseph I will always be here for you

Never be scared to ask for advice ‘because I’ll always be your mommy and you’ll never be too old to take my hand and let me guide you

You mean the world to me that and so much more there are no words that can explain

I pray God gives you an easy life with no heartbreak sadness or pain

But if you ever find yourself in a situation that’s too much for you have no fear

Just call me and your dad and we’ll be there

We can’t protect you from everything in this cruel hard world, if I said that I’d be lying to you

But we can pick you up when you fall, carry you when your tired and our home is a place you can always come back too


© April M. Barbosa 2011


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