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My memoir

January 9, 2012

I just added another 4000 words to my memior. The words are just flowing. I’m loving it! I haven’t worked on it in two weeks while my kids were on winter break. I couldn’t it felt like a betrayal to my family because it was my life before. Another life because it is so different then it is now. I was so hood back them. There was violence, drugs, stealing and a grip of other shit. I can’t believe I’m a housewife now and now in prison or dead. I wonder what my husband would say if he knew how thug I used to be? I wonder if he will read this book? He don’t read every other book I’ve written I’ve read it to him as I wrote ito. This one I can’t. He knows about my exhusband but he doesn’t think I ever loved him cause he had been abusive toward me. I’m ashamed of the love that I had for that abusive man. I’m not ashamed of anything else it made me strong it made me who I am today


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