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Time (poetry)

February 20, 2012

Time… there is no such thing as time. Mortals made it as a way to grasp a power we have no control over. We are not infinite and reflect this through our desires to own something unreal. Time is infinite time is endless, time is nothing but the passing of life itself, humans have no understanding of infinity we are but mere spots on time we matter only to ourselves. Our life is nothing but a blemish on the face of time. A passing occurrence a thing that once is gone shall be forgotten.

 We are destined to return to the dust from which we came. As the sands of time fill your hour glass are you choosing to spend each grain wisely? Silence is the essence of time. A nothingness so great we cannot understand it. Like the face of God a power so strong to dwell on it would cause madness. I write words which are timeless in hopes my essence will continue to linger in a world where my face shall soon be forgotten. Lonely eyes of time do you see the dream that is mine?

I want my words to last infinity, to be as deep as Poe but as well-known Shakespeare. To be forgotten is my biggest fear!


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  1. April you are a very wise person. I enjoyed “Time” (poetry) thank you for sharing 🙂

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