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She. Her. Me (poetry)

March 4, 2012

The quiet is deafening to my ear

I hear the footsteps in the distance

In starts the fear

I ran and ran but can run no more

Now the knock is at the door

Where did I think I’d get to?

I open the door

There she is

She is I

I am her

She is me

Or maybe she is who I used to be

Or maybe she’s the new me

Our eyes lock

My secrets are laid bare

I see all my life looking into her stare

I hurt her

She carried me

She cried

I drank

She lied

I drank

She suffered

I partied


It all gets confusing

I can’t make it combine

How could it just have been me all the time???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m angry at all I let go

I’m angry at all I can’t remember at all I don’t know

I feel betrayed

Betrayed by me

Or maybe the me I used to be

No one understands what I’m trying to say

If only I could erase it if only I could make the past go away

© 2011 April m. Barbosa


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