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The darkness ((Poetry))

July 29, 2012

The darkness…

The darkness has snuck in

Slowly, silently stealthy

Like a mist it swirls and envelops all in its way

We fight to stay but in the end we fall

It drags the weak ones away

When we hear the darkness call

Bound to a weak soul

Feeling an urge a need for something that we can’t find

A pain that only a fiend can know

Fiending, searching, hurting

Hurting with the hunger that does not cease

Searching for a way to feel peace

It’s a never ending race to find the next high

Craving, yearning, needing fiending!!

Feeling relieved once the pain is gone but all the while wishing it was time to die

Crying, Asking God WHY? WHY? WHY

Once having it all but for the rush let it all go

Searching for a happiness that a fiend can never know

Wanting it needing it lying to get it but it’s all ok

A fiend will do anything to make the demons go away!!!


© 7/28/2012 April M. Barbosa


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