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MEXICA ((Poetry))

August 27, 2012


My Heritage, What does it mean to me?

It’s who I am what made me

Being brown and proud is not only a way of life it’s a state of mind

A declaration to the world I am proud of my blood line

Mexica, what does that mean to me?

It means my roots are coated in Aztec gold

My ancestors were born here in the days of old

Before the world had maps with imaginary lines bordering places that truly have no boundaries

Back when our ancestors lived hidden amongst the trees

Back when they worshiped different deities

Years of persecution for the color of our skin

Our older generations were treated like being brown was a sin

These old school views is what shaped my thoughts today

I’m full of brown pride and that will never be taken away

I will never deny my lineage

My way was paved by my ancestors’ tears and blood so to them I pay homage


© 8/26/12 April M. Barbosa







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